American Revolution

The American Revolution was a political upheaval that took place between 1765 and 1783 during which colonists in the Thirteen American Colonies rejected the British monarchy and aristocracy, overthrew the authority of Great Britain, and founded the United States of America.

Starting in 1765, members of American colonial society rejected the authority of the British Parliament to tax them without colonial representatives in the government. During the following decade, protests by colonists—known as Patriots—continued to escalate, as in the Boston Tea Party in 1773 during which patriots destroyed a consignment of taxed tea from the Parliament-controlled and favored East India Company. The British responded by imposing punitive laws—the Coercive Acts—on Massachusetts in 1774, following which Patriots in the other colonies rallied behind Massachusetts. In late 1774 the Patriots set up their own alternative government to better coordinate their resistance efforts against Great Britain, while other colonists, known as Loyalists, preferred to remain aligned to the British Crown.

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Senate Democrats Demand Chief Justice Roberts Push Justice Alito to Recuse in Trump-Related Cases

The Epoch Times 25 May 2024
Democrat complaints about Justice Alito have grown since it was recently reported that an American flag flew upside-down outside his residence and an American Revolution-era “Appeal to Heaven” flag was displayed at his beach house....

The Bell 212 Tolls for Tehran

Quillette 25 May 2024
However, there appears to be no evidential reason to conclude that this was a black operation by the American or Israeli secret services ... The Tragedy of American-Iranian Relations (Yale, 1988) and Charles Kurzman’s The Unthinkable Revolution in Iran (Harvard, 2004). Advertisement....

Missing Links in Textbook History: Opposition to War

Scheerpost 25 May 2024
The American Revolution; The Mexican-American War; The Spanish-American War; and World War I ... The American Revolution ... In short, opposing sides during the American Revolution reflected the differences within the colonial population more than opposition to the war itself....

Inside the GOP plan to destroy social mobility in America

Raw Story 25 May 2024
The first shots were fired in efforts to strip schools of books and curricula referencing America’s history of slavery, Jim Crow, Native American genocide, and brutality against the queer community ... The dire result, Kirk warned, would be social chaos, moral degeneracy, revolution, and the eventual collapse of American society....

Graham: Why ‘Pine Tree’ flag flap doesn’t fly in N.E.

Boston Herald 25 May 2024
The Pine Tree Flag waves at the annual commemorations of the 1772 Pine Tree Riot in Weare, N.H., one of the first acts of resistance against British authority by American colonists. The pine tree logo is used by the New England Revolution soccer team....

Democrats press Chief Justice Roberts to address ethics at Supreme Court

The Spokesman-Review 25 May 2024
Alito said in a statement to the Times that the upside-down American flag flown in the days after the Jan ... He has not responded to the second report involving the “Appeal to Heaven” flag, which dates to the American Revolution....

Dems press chief justice to address ethics at Supreme Court

The Day 25 May 2024
Alito said in a statement to the Times that the upside-down American flag flown in the days after the Jan ... He has not responded to the second report involving the “Appeal to Heaven” flag, which dates to the American Revolution....

‘We don’t have to forget what they mean to us’: Spokane Valley unveils new Veterans Day memorial ahead of Memorial Day

The Spokesman-Review 25 May 2024
Spokane Valley’s Balfour Park consisted of little more than a grassy field, volleyball courts and a playground next to an adjacent vacant lot for years ... The garden is one of 25 such in the Spokane area and more than 600 nationwide, and was provided by the Jonas Babcock chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution ... James R....

The ambiguity of freedom and nationalism: An unfinished revolution

The Manila Times 24 May 2024
The elite rejoined the "second phase" of the revolution when Aguinaldo returned from exile in Hong Kong claiming that the Americans came to support his government against Spain ... Ileto, however, observed in his research that the idea of an "unfinished revolution" consumed many Filipinos during the American colonial period....

Pence defense of Alito’s insurrectionist flag highlights its ties to violent gov’t overthrow

Alternet 24 May 2024
The Appeal to Heaven Flag” dates back centuries, to the American Revolution, but in recent years was very clearly co-opted by the radical religious right and was seen being carried by the insurrectionists during the assault on the U.S ... “Since its creation during the American Revolution, the flag has carried a message of defiance....

Here's why Rep. Eric Burlison says 'An Appeal to Heaven' flag shouldn't be controversial

Columbia Daily Tribune 24 May 2024
"It’s the very first American flag, if you think about it.” ... The inspiration for the flag comes from the words of John Locke, a philosopher whose ideas contributed to the spirit of the American Revolution ... This led to the “Pine Tree Riot,” which acted as an early catalyst of the American Revolution....

Professing Faith: Memorial Day is for ‘reflection and prayers for those who died in military service’

Redlands Daily Facts 24 May 2024
In the Revolution, an estimated 6,824 persons were killed in the line of duty although the great majority of these were from disease, infection and malnutrition. The number of American dead in the Revolution may reach 25,000, but records are incomplete ... Yet one should not think that the Native Americans met with only defeats....

Hang dry rebels revive the classic laundry method of lather, rinse and repeat

The Star Democrat 24 May 2024
Despite technological advancements and stricter energy-efficient standards for clothes washers and dryers, a quiet revolution is currently changing how Americans handle one of the most mundane household chores. laundry ... ....