American Revolution

The American Revolution was a political upheaval that took place between 1765 and 1783 during which colonists in the Thirteen American Colonies rejected the British monarchy and aristocracy, overthrew the authority of Great Britain, and founded the United States of America.

Starting in 1765, members of American colonial society rejected the authority of the British Parliament to tax them without colonial representatives in the government. During the following decade, protests by colonists—known as Patriots—continued to escalate, as in the Boston Tea Party in 1773 during which patriots destroyed a consignment of taxed tea from the Parliament-controlled and favored East India Company. The British responded by imposing punitive laws—the Coercive Acts—on Massachusetts in 1774, following which Patriots in the other colonies rallied behind Massachusetts. In late 1774 the Patriots set up their own alternative government to better coordinate their resistance efforts against Great Britain, while other colonists, known as Loyalists, preferred to remain aligned to the British Crown.

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“Law and Order” vs. “Empathy and Healing”

CounterPunch 18 Sep 2020
The American Revolution, which established independence from Britain and enabled the country to emerge from a still mostly aristocratic Europe, allowed for the creation of a clean-sheet constitution – but it was a document that institutionalized, rather than eliminated, the ......

DAR commemorates Constitution Week through Sept. 23

Statesville Record & Landmark 18 Sep 2020
Constitution Week is an American observance to commemorate the adoption of the United States Constitution ... Eisenhower from a congressional resolution petitioned by the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) sent through Senator William F ... In 1955, the President General of the Daughters of the American Revolution, Gertrude S....

DAR hosts Bells Across America event

Leesburg Daily Commercial 18 Sep 2020
EUSTIS — City officials gathered with the Daughters of the American Revolution Ocklawaha Chapter and State Rep ... "Today is part of that patriotism," she said. "The Daughters of the American Revolution were instrumental in getting this week designated as constitution week so on the 17th, we ring our bells in honor of that."....

COMMENTARY: Danger in 1619 Project

The Times & Democrat 18 Sep 2020
During his nomination speech at the close of the Republican National Convention, President Donald Trump spoke to the issue of a rising and dangerous alternative American history ... “One focus of the historians is the preposterous claim of the 1619 Project that a primary reason that the colonists launched the American Revolution was to protect slavery....

The left’s long war on the Constitution

Chatham Journal 18 Sep 2020
Unfortunately, by the beginning of the 20th century many self-styled American “progressives” had turned against the ideal of limited, constitutional government ... In spite of this, however, they never tried to overthrow the Constitution through a coup or revolution ... Like the American ......

Our constitutional guide

Dothan Eagle 18 Sep 2020
Essentially, after winning the American Revolution, Founding Fathers set upon a course to overturn the revolutionary era’s Articles of Confederation and establish the principles of a new government — even more difficult, a new type of government....

Pierre Senior Center presented Capitol Complex projects

The Capital Journal 18 Sep 2020
Other projects include improvements to the sidewalks to make them compliant with the newest Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements, a proposal for a new Code Talkers statue, and a proposal for a plaque for the Daughters of the American Revolution for the 225 anniversary of their existence ... Next Thursday, Sept ... .......

Rebecca Leverett 70

Herald Mail 18 Sep 2020
Rebecca Leverett, 70. Rebecca Leverett, 70, of Hagerstown passed away peacefully at home on Wednesday, September 16, 2020 ... She was also preceded in death by her son, Richard Leverett ... She was a member of Delta Kappa Gamma (a professional society for women), Daughters of the American Revolution and Chi Omega ... ....

Donald Trump: defender of liberalism

The Spectator 18 Sep 2020
Coercive progressivism is taking over the American centre-left with nary a grunt of resistance ... Yet, in the 2020 cultural revolution, we can see the results of an unchecked march of politics through American higher (and not only higher) education....

President’s tactics are neither new nor original

Las Vegas Sun 18 Sep 2020
His Black Shirts — the military arm of his organization made up of two hundred thousand soldiers — were a potent image of strength to a nation that felt emasculated.Even the rise of Adolf Hitler and the explosion of the Nazi revolution in Germany struck a chord with prominent ......

TOWN SQUARE: Here's what's happening in the Spartanburg community

Spartanburg Herald-Journal 18 Sep 2020
Southern Campaign of the American Revolution Parks are adding access for visitor services ... 16, Southern Campaign of the American Revolution Parks will reopen access to....

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